Thursday, May 23, 2013

Take 2: Aroy Thai

I wrote about Aroy Thai's authentic Thai cusine before...I return to resample some of the delights and to taste their tanghoon prawns.

But first some starters...the stuffed chicken wings are very good as well...

Very crispyly deep fried, the skin is absolutely a delight. The chicken wing is deboned, the wing meat removed from the skin, minced with some herbs and spices and then stuffed back into the skin and deep fried. Marvellous.

As a vege dish, we had the Thai Kangkong

Nice and fresh, lightly the leaves and stem is still crunchy. Nice.

And what we came to try...prawn tanghoon

Quite good, though not equal to the best I have eaten in Bangkok. Those had a layer of pork fat lining the steel kuali, so that as the dish is baked, the tanghoon does not get scalded and burnt. And of course, the pork fat releases wonderous aromas which permeate the dish. In this case, no pork lard, which might indicate that the dish was prepared and then put on the hot wok/hotplate to be served. The requisite herbs and plentiful peppercorns complete the authenticity. The prawns were large, a small serving had 4 prawns. They were fresh, crunchy. The tanghoon was quite good. Soft, with a bit of springiness...not too much to render it tough, but just enough to give the beautiful texture. Very nice. Recomendded.

I had always liked the cooking at Aroy Thai, and this tasting, proved no different. Great food.

Aroy Thai Restaurant
109 North Bridge Road
#04-06 Funan Digitalife Mall
6338 3880
Mon-Sun: 11.30am-2.45pm, 6pm-10pm
(Saturdays whole day, 930pm last order)

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