Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kim Kee Tanjung Rhu Wanton Mee

Kim Kee Wanton mee seems to be a hot favourite, judging by the long queues that form on the stall almost all day...till they finish their noodles.

A must visit for many, especially after or before sojourining onto TR Bikes, or on the way or back from ECP for their ride. This wanton mee used to be at the same coffee shop as the famous Tanjung Rhu Pau...famous for being delicious as well as being being very larger than a golf ball for their char siew pau.

But the wanton mee has moved just behind to the hawker centre, and still with the long queues. I once turned up at 1pm, and they sold out. So this time round, we arrived just before noon, and were rewarded with a short queue

Short queue or not, it was still a good 10 minutes waiting time.

So was it worth the wait? For me, only if you are in the area and craving for a WTM. They don't do anything wrong, the chilli is good and powerful. The noodles are done right, though I would have preferred a bit more al dente and springy. The char siew is quite dry and lean, though. The wanton are small, the skin is very light, the meat filling within was quite bland. Overall, it is an edible, Singapore style WTM...for me, by no stretch of imagination this WTM can lay claim to be best WTM in town. But it is rather above average to what can ge generally found in a typical hawker centre...taking the one at Farrer Road Market as a case in point...this Tanjung Rhu version is leaps and bounds better. But I think Eng's at Tj Katong is better...though that too has slipped a bit from its heyday.

Kim Kee Wanton Mee
Jalan Batu Market and Food Centre
4A Jalan Batu

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