Thursday, November 1, 2012

Best fish soup in Singapore? is a contender.

Fish of my favourites. It is an interesting dish...good quality, fresh fish, deep fried as fritters in a beautiful broth made with anchovies, prawns and whatnot.

I spied this little store by the corner of the famous cze char Keng Eng Kee at Alexandra Village for many times. During lunchtimes, there are long queues.

Queue we did...and were rewarded with this mixed fish soup with rice dish

Fish fritters, deep fried, with a wonderful fragrance of a tinge of salted fish and belachan in the batter, swimming in this thick, rich, broth. I found the broth a touch too salty, but it was certainly very fragrant and delicious.

As we ordered the "with everything" version, it came with fresh sliced fish, and quick poached pig livers. This gave the soup some fortification, and the taste of freshly poached liver...done just so...not lovely. Also included in the bowl, crunchy vegetables, and two fish balls.

The chilli offers a kick. This stall is highly recommended. Excellent fish soup. And certainly a contender for the crown of best fish soup in town.

Fish Soup Stall (generic name)
124 Bukit Merah Lane 1

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