Monday, November 19, 2012

Chums: nice cozy family oriented find in Bukit Timah

Beer chicken...not the typical dish in Singapore. I have eaten something similarly named in the US and Australia, but I was intrigued when my good friend told me about this off to Bukit Timah we went.

Quaint little place. Situated right by a row of restaurants...the original Pasta Fresca Salvatore, Cafe Roma, amongst a few others.

The kitchen is behind glass, and one can observe what the chef and his team is doing.

As a starter, we had a Nicoise salad

Interesting Nicoise..can't say I am raving about this, though it was tasty and good enough. The prawns were very tasty, intense flavour. The tuna mild, but still very present. The greens could have been a bit fresher, crunchier, though sufficies. The salad dressing was on the side, so we could indulge or not.

So I was hoping the chicken would fare better...

What a nice surprise! A beautifully roasted chicken, sitting on a stool of a beer can...I guess the heat of the oven would force the contents of the beer through the chicken, rendering it tender and giving a light flavour. A bed of crushed potatos and vegetables support the chicken.

Ahhh...the chicken was tender, juicy. Even the white meat was very tender and moist while still flavourful. The dark meat, as in the leg above was excellent. Very tender. Flavourful. The flavour of the beer seem to have lightly infuse itself into the meat, giving the meat somewhat like a herbal chicken kind of feel. The skin was perfect. There was little sensation of any fat...perhaps there wasn't...

The sauce was very very good...and brought up this chicken from good to excellent. Very tasty and savoury.

Excellent roast chicken. One whole chicken with the salad was enough for two hungry men...I would guess perhaps enough for a small family.

We had an unusual dessert

Sago with a strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream. I must say the creativity is certainly interesting, and the martini glass was nice. Tastewise it was a delight.

Interesting small restaurant...very family oriented. Cool relaxed place to hang out. Recommended.

Royal Ville 833 Bukit Timah Road #01-06, Singapore 279887
Monday and Tuesday: 9am-5pm, Wednesday to Sunday: 9am-10pm

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