Monday, October 8, 2012

The Family Stove and The Family Wok

Home cooking is the best. But sometimes, it is not practical or even possible. This is where substitures are called for. I do have my favourites. Hui Cui is one, and Cafe de Hong Kong another. And today, I chanced on this place...The Family Stove and The Family Wok

Tucked at the back of Orchard Towers...a kind of sleazy place, especially in the evenings, this is a rather new Food Court, where a Taiwan Porridge restaurant used to occupy...directly above Jasons Supermarket.

The unassuming stall occupies the first lot on the right as one walks into the Food Court. Taking a corner lot, one side is the Family Stove - serving apparently western food, and the other Family Wok - for Chinese food. But try as I might, I thought they were similar.

I first saw pics on a friend's facebook...and thought that since he (my friend) was a connoisseur (of almost everything...amazing fellow), it must be good. So I popped in one day to try...and I was pleased...very pleased.

I ordered the day's special roast pork with yam rice.

This came as a set, with vegetables, and yam rice. The rice was nice, yam fragrant. The veg was reasonable. But the roast pork was a killer!

The meat was smooth, warm. The crackling was superb. Very crispy...though at some places it tended to be a bit harddened...only a few spots, but kind of spoils the experience. And what an experience. Where there were no hardenned spots, and I mean almost all of the was one of the best I have eaten. Very crisp, beautiful mouthfeel and aroma. The meat itself was very tender. If I had another small criticism, it was the sliver of fat was a tad too much...but only a tad. But in mitigation, the fat gives flavour...and this was a great, flavourful piece of meat. Excellent +++.

Amazing quality to be found in a Food Court. I will be back for more.

The Family Stove and The Family Wok
1 Claymore Drive (Food Court), Singapore, Singapore 229594
Mon - Fri:12:00-21:00

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