Thursday, October 25, 2012

More Eats in Penang: Hawker food...

Seafood in Penang is one of the delights. And Hawker Centres are still to be found in many enclaves throughout the island. Today, I feature a hawker center in Tanjong Bungah...right near the beautiful beaches of Tanjung Bungah and Telok Bahang.

This hawker center, with stalls selling a variety of delights...most of the Penang favourites and usual suspects can be found. When we were there on a Monday evening, the open air dining area was rather crowded with patrons. The main seafood stall - the place's namesake Viva, was not open that evening. But there were plenty of options.

We started with the usual...Penang Hokkien Prawn Mee

De rigeur, I say. Which means...very good. One comes to expect the level of standard fare like this to be rather very good when in Penang. And this was no different. The tiny little prawns pack more a flavour than it would seem from its size. The broth was flavourful. The chilli, a bit weak, but added a nice punch.

We also had the standard offering of lorbak.

Again, de rigeur. Meets the requirements. Very good, but not excellent or mind blowing. Next week, I will feature a mind blowing lorbak from Penang. But that evening's was only good.

Somewhat breaking the de rigeur mold, is the very excellent oyster omelette

The oyster was excellent...fresh, large, fat, succulent, rich tasting. Luxurious in the palate, ably assisted by the magnificently fried eggs.

Hokkien Char

A noodle dish, with a dark sauce...not quite as dark as the Black KL Hokkien Mee, but a more enigmatic, aromatic sauce. Fried with mee and beehoon. Seafood, and pork. Nice.

Pasembur, a kind of Chinese rojak was also ordered...

Not comparable to the best in Penang...which is to be found in Padang Brown. But again a high level of compentency. The crisp bits were nicely done. The vegetables were nice and crisp. The sauce lacked a bit when compared to the Padang's, but still quite delicious.

And for Indian pancake

A special dough poured and cooked over a clay pot...sometimes with bits of ripe banana cut and mixed within. Delicious.

Viva Hawker Center
Tanjong Bungah

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