Thursday, October 4, 2012

CBD Eats: Food on Fire

Its Indian food time again! I get particularly excited with Indian of the truly great cuisines in the world.

Today's feature is tucked in China Square...a super busy place during lunch time, where the office crowds throng the streets looking for sustainance for their afternoon's work...I have spied this place for awhile...noting that many of their customers are Indians...must be authentic, methinks...and indeed it is!

There were a plethora of sets available, mostly $10-$14 range. We ordered a Wednesday special for non-veg: The Kadai chicken...a Pakistani/Northern Indian dish...noted for spicy taste and capsicum.

Quite a large serving...with a chick pea and a potato side dish, and both steamed basmati rice and a plain naan. The aroma when served was superb.

Flavours of ginger first assaults the palate, followed closely by capsicum, and a gentle but growing heat from the spices. Wonderful, aromatic. Very good with rice or naan.

We also tried the lamb/mutton biryani

Also very fragrant, it was served super hot. The mutton pieces were burried deep within the copper bowl. The rice is proper basmati...long grained, fluffy, very fragrant.The spices were excellent. The mutton, I found a bit sinewy, but it was cooked till the muscle sinews fell apart at the prodding of the fork. Not greasy or oily. And very authentic...reminds me of some of the best biryanis I have had in India, minus the fat and grease...which to be fair, gave the dishes in India a robust and beautiful flavour absent in this offering.

An excellent lunch place. I will definitely be back for more. And strangely, I am attracted to the 4 dahl veg meal. Maybe I will try it soon.

25 Church Street
#01-07 Capital Square 3
6533 5525
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 10pm
Close on Sunday

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