Thursday, October 11, 2012

Take two: De Burg Burgers

Burgers are comfort food. Sometimes, I dream of a burger...not any burger, but one which is made with a hand chopped patty of pure fillers. On a bed of lettuce, tomatos, cheese, and a beautifully toasted bun. Yum.

I reviewed De Burg's burgers once before...while they were at Ghim Moh...but they moved...and with the move, I think they have improved the quality of the food...oops, cat out of the bag...

But first, begin with a beer...

The glass says Erdinger, but this is actually Archipelago wheat beer...Nice, tasty, and cold. A good way to start.

I had the signature De Burg burger...

Huge beef patty...all 200g, no filler, all beef. Nicely grilled...a bit of smokey flavour...beef was roughy chopped, and I can discern the bits of beef. Nice. Some of the outer is slightly crisped, and the inside of the patty is still pink and moist. Lovely!

Served with two sides of your choice...I elected for a salad and fries. Though the burger itself had greens and a tomato slice or two. The bun was nicely crusty inside where it was toasted. Very good burger. Not the quality you get with wagyu and foie gras as in Landing Point with their fancy truffle oil fries. But nice, solid, satisfying burger. Two thumbs up!

But I cannot help by spy on one of my eating companion's German pork knuckle...Schweinhaxe from another stall within the same coffee shop...called Stew Kuche...looked magnificent...I didn't try it that evening, but will certainly return for a taste.

De Burg
119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-40

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