Monday, September 17, 2012

Singapore's rural scene: Poison Ivy Bistro at Bollywood Veggies

Tucked in the almost rural Singapore...amongst the farms in Lim Chu Kang area, is Bollywood Veggies...well, a farm owned and operated by the colourful Ivy Singh-Lim.

I drop by for lunch once in a while on some of my rides to the north, and have eaten there several times. The air conditioning of the restaurant is a godsent after hours in the sun. But the food is not bad too.

Of course vegetables are the order of the day...but the restaurant is serves a full range of meats as well. The above is an organically grown onsite. Sweet potato leaves, kangkong and spinach form the 3 veg dish. Chopped finely, and stir fried in a hot wok quickly. The finely chopped vegetables are still crunchy, and have a fine flavour of only fresh, just harvested vegetables can have.

The otah omelette is quite special in taste, if not in execution or presentation. A thinly fried plain omelette is laid out on the plate, and the otah put on top with some condiments. The otak tasted like the freshly made ones you get in Muar, but when we asked Ivy where she got them from...she revealed a locally produced source.

I found the otah to be spectacularly good. And with some rice and chopped chillies...quite satisfying.

Interesting destination dining location. Away from the madding crowd...though sometimes in Bollywood Veggies, one does get assualted by hordes of school children visiting because of the farm's active education outreach program. But for cyclists plying the area...which for the uninitiated is a very popular route. The long straight stretch along Lim Chu Kang is a favourite to try out max speeds and max heart rates, and the rustic environment and modest slopes makes interest exploration. Recommended to try out at least once.

Poison Ivy Bistro
100 Neo Tiew Road,(Kranji)

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