Monday, September 24, 2012

Life is like a box of chocolates: Sweet Treats by Boxup

Innovation. So elusive. Yet so wonderful when it is full blown. I recently came across this very innovative way to enjoy your chocolate fix. A Singaporean startup by local entrepreneur David Tan, you subscribe to a box of chocolates every month...and they deliver their selection from a delectable range to your doorstep. Like a magazine...and like Forest never know what you get until you open the box.

What a concept! I love the idea of the surprise of what you will receive each month.

A pretty box, with a nice bow...

Slip the cover open...viola!

A new set is selected and delivered every you get to try out different chocolates

In this month's subscription:

From the top left...Cream Cheese which is a walnut and sultana in French cream cheese, Flame Blanc which is an Almond gianduja, Exquisite which is a dark bittersweet ganache. In the middle row from the left, Raspberry Truffle a white ganache with fresh raspberry, Good Night made of a dark sesame paste in milk ganache, another Cream Cheese. And the bottom row, another Exquisite, a Miele made of white ganache with honey, and a bittersweet ganache with basil spice called Basil.

Very interesting concept. The chocolates are imported and air flown with temperature protection.

Thanks to David for personal delivery of the chocolates, and for the chocolates themselves.

Sweet Treats Website

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