Monday, September 10, 2012

Cheap Eats in CBD: Sungei Road Laksa

Value...its perceived. But one can hardly argue when one can get a nice meal sized portion of delicious noodles for S$2.

Yes, I said a bowl of Laksa for $2. And this is after the price increased 100%. It used to be $1 a bowl, when the father of the current owner used to run the stall. It was admittedly smaller, but he was insistent on offering $1 laksa...his philosophy was if you need more to fill your tummy, order two!

Today's portion, while still small, is rather a bit bigger...enough to satisfy those with a smaller appetite. I added a piece of cost of the meal as shown is $3. Still a bargain, especially in the city.

So how does it taste. The broth was magnificently fragrant. Even from the vantage point where I sat and took the picture below, I could smell the aroma of the broth when the cook opened the boiling cauldron to dish out the broth onto the bowl.

On the palate, it was rich without being coy. Less rich (lemak) than the Katong varietals, but still full on the palate. A taste of ground dried prawns (hae bee) is apparent and lends to the savoury sensation. The laksa leaves, finely sliced adds another dimension, as the chilli. Adorned with slices of fish cake, the laksa is a winner. The otak too was excellent.

But my lunch companion who has been patronising this stall for years, remarked that the after taste of the broth is what makes this laksa special. We intentionally did not drink our teas immediately after slurping the bowl. And waited 5 mins or so...all the while, still tasting the laksa as it fades into the darkness of our gullet. Beautiful. Highly recommended for the laksa enthusiast.

Sungei Road Laksa (Kelantan Lane)
31 Kelantan Lane, #01-12 Seng Chuan Eating House
9690 8184
8.30am – 9pm
(Closed on 1st Wed of the month)

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