Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lunch spot: Culina Bistro

Culina is one of the interesting gourmet grocers which sprung up in Singapore recently. But Culina is different...for oen its much older. And for another it also offers a very nice kitchen/bistro.

I began being a customer not long after its founding in 1994, back then it was one of the few sources of extra virgin olive oil sold in 4 liter containers, that I used for most of our home cooking. But this article is about their bistro...tucked in the beautiful and lazy hills of Dempsey, along my usual cycling route to the city, it is a haven for many.

For this post, I feature their steak sandwich...

Part of their all day dining menu, it is known as the Grilled 1824 Tenderloin Steak Sandwich. Served with beautiful caramelised onion, tomato, gratinated comte cheese and a mixed salad, it is a rather wholesome meal on itself.

The star of course was the steak. Tender, done perfectly...with a touch of pink perhaps 75% inside, the outer 25% cooked grey with a tinge of charcoal on the outermost. Delicious. Truly a very good steak sandwich. At $26 a pop, not a bad price either.

My lunch companion had the Castaing duck leg confit with parsnip puree, pear, endive, walnut and veal jus.

I did not sample it, but the serving was generous...this was the leg of a rather fat duck...the skin looked crispy, and the insides, when he cut it open looked moist. As he ate, he mumbled words of appreciation which made me want to return soon to sample it.

Nice lunch location, though weekends can get rather crowded. But on a weekday lunch, it was relaxed, cool with good food.

Culina Bistro
Blk 8, Dempsey Road
#01-13 Dempsey Hill

6474 7338

Daily 11am to 1030pm

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