Monday, December 6, 2010

Steaks in Milan: Restorante Cocopazza

Continuing on my bistecca florentina what am I do the standard order for the steak was 1kg...too much for one man. I found myself in Cocopazza in Milan, and they do offer bistecca. But I had to settle for an entrecote...the sirloin of beef.

The display cabinet at the lobby of the Cocopazza Restaurant as one enters entices. I guess, I had to do the next best thing...and go for the entrecote...the sirloin of beef.

But first, a carafe of vino rosso...the house wine will do...and make it half a liter. Afterall, I had spent the morning working - photographing a piece unique at the beautiful watch store - Orologia Pisa. And most of the afternoon wandering around Milan. I was tired. I deserve it.

The wine was surprisingly good. Served at the correct room temperature, it was at once refreshing as well as delicious. There was hardly any nose to speak of, this is afterall the house pour, but on the palate, it was surprisingly robust, ripe, with berries as a good Rufino will do.

Steak I ordered...and it was served in quick time...the waiter did not ask how I want the done-ness to be done. Assuming that the chef's recommendation was the only option. I know of one or two steakhouses in the US, where the waiter asks for how you want your steak to be done, but never tells the chef, and serves medium rare, charred. Always. Here they dispense of the formalities, and don't even ask.

But it was to my satisfaction. Grilled, with burn marks...beautiful. The piece of meat was rather small...I guess about 200g. But sufficient...afterall this is not the USA, where the portions tend to be gigantic.

And perfect medium-rare inside. The meat must have been grass fed cattle...I would guess this is imported Argentinian beef...the meat had a tough consistency. But it did not bother me, as the flavour was excellent. No wagyu, this piece of needed chewing. I rather enjoyed it.

The meat was served...a la in a traditional steakhouse...meaning, no sides. I ordered what the menu proclaimed "cooked vegetables", and was served a plate, rather large, of boilled vegetables.

Boiled vegs doesn't sound appetizing...and this bowl of vegetables - carrots, cucumber, potatoes, spinach were boilled till very soft...almost mushy. But for some reason, it tasted quite good. With a dash of extra virgin oil, it was quite good.

Restaurante Cocopazza
via Durini, 26
20122 Milano
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