Thursday, December 9, 2010

Steaks in Germany

with Unicorn

Steakhouses fascinate me. I have eaten at some wonderful ones like Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, and nearer to home at Mamou's in Manila. I just featured the Cocopazza in Milan, though still waiting to try Dario Cecchini's bistecca alla fiorentina.

But here I am back in Dresden, and one evening, Unicorn and I decided to try Maredo, just right at the Christmas market at Frauenkirche Square.

Situated just next to the Frauenkirche and the Coselpalais...the location cannot be better...right in the middle of the historical city center.

The decor is a bit Argentinian...with silhouttes of cowboys on their horses and cactii.

The menu is in multi-languages...English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese...all catered...afterall this restaurant is in the tourist belt.

I ordered my usual...sirloin...done Chicago Medium-rare...I described medium rare, and charred outside. And the steak was delivered:

Somehow, I feel the chefs or grillmasters are afraid to char the steaks outside of North America. Compare with the superb steak I had at the Las Vegas branch of Smith's and Wollensky recently which was really charred. This steak was not really charred at all.

The inside is what I ordered...medium rare:

I think the beef is from grass fed. Sinewy, very flavourful, but still managing to retain tenderness and not be overly chewy. The taste was excellent...but I suspect this is a rather fresh piece fo meat, chilled not frozen, but not aged. The characteristic nuttiness of the dry aging process, so wonderful in many US steaks, is absent. But this is good steak. Though to have it done right, I guess there is nowhere else but the good old USA.

An der Frauenkirche 12-14
01067 Dresden

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