Thursday, December 30, 2010

Labskaus in Germany: Rive Bistro in Hamburg

Labskaus...I never knew about this until I arrived in Hamburg. A quick wiki search revealed that the English word for the same is lobscourse...originally lob's course. A stew, popular in ports like Liverpool.

The restaurant was right by the harbour...with a fantastic harbour view...and the interior was decorated much like a typical Parisian restaurant...but perhaps with tables spaced further apart. The place is apparently very popular with the business people in the offices which are nearby.

We ordered the labskaus as a starter

I found it to be quite delicious. The taste reminded me of corned beef or steak tartar (but with cooked beef). The dishis topped off with a fried quail's egg. The beef used to make the labskaus is probably stewed, was very fact it was cooked till it was almost disintegrating...and very tasty. Love the dish.

For mains, I had some we were in a harbour, though some 120 km from the North Sea, the Elbe, which serves the city is deep enough for ocean vessels to dock. I was told Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, and the second largest in Europe after Rotterdam.

The fish was nothing special, but tasty enough. It was fresh, of course!, and was conservatively pan fried with a bit of pepper and salt. And served with a bed of potatos.

The labskaus experience was interesting. Apprantly this is a very popular dish in Hamburg, and the entire north of Europe...even in Copenhagen, though I must say I never came across this dish when I was in Denmark.

The restaurant is also interesting that though situated right smack within offices, and listed in the via Michelin guide, it doesn't accept credit cards, and take only cash.

RIVE Bistro-Restaurant - Oysterbar Hamburg
Van-der-Smissen-Stra├če 1
22767 Hamburg, Germany
040 3805919
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