Thursday, November 25, 2010

Comfort food: Wantan Mee

Wantan of my favourites...especially for breakfast, and indeed one which I have for that important morning meal at least once a month. I dislike the regular style of wantan mee offered by many hawkers where they add tomato sauce into the sauce. For me, wantan mee must be served sans chilli (with chilli, it can be good, but I feel its a variant. I actually like the one served by the famous Joo Chiat wantan mee store with copious amounts of chilli, but another story for another day).

For me, when served dry it must be accompanied by black savoury sauce. When served in a soup, there is no comparing to what the folks in Hong Kong cook up...especially in my favourite Mak's Noodles in HKG.

But in this part of the world...Nanyang as they call us...I prefer the KL style, thick noodles, springy, drenched in a black sauce, with a generous serving of rendered pork fat, and pork lard crisps. I can forego the char siew if its not up to par...and they often are not. And have a double portion of wantan.

Indeed this is what I usually order at my favourite wantan mee store in Tajong Pagar. I have written about Lucky Wantan Mee once, but this is the other store along the same corridoor, and facing the different direction from Lucky.


And the double wantan portion?

These were not as good as Mak's...not by any stretch. But good enough to keep me returning at least once a month...sometimes more often. The skin is thin, light. The meat fragrant...minced pork with minched shrimps. And perhaps a touch of crushed dried flounder.

For me, this is comfort food...satisfying. And keeps me coming back for more.

No name Wantan Mee and Ipoh Horfun store
same corridoor as Lucky, but at other end...operated by an elderly couple.
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