Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fresh Roast: Papa Palheta

with Prof Massi

One of my former colleagues told me about this place, and said that I would love it. So at the next available tea-break, I made arrangements with my friend Massi, who was looking for an espresso machine, and Papa Palheto carried Synesso and we appeared about 4pm-ish on a Friday afternoon.

The entrance is via Hooper Road, and parking seemed to be easily available...and as one enters, one gets the feeling one is tresspassing on a chillout party or something...the entry is at the back of the shophouse. The decor is quite interesting, with vintage objects all over. In the center was this huge Synesso machine...a 3 grouppa machine, no less.

The friendly Marcus chirped in his English accent, he looked Chinese, but the accent was quite British Isles...and we ordered two piccolo lattes. Interestingly, there is no fixed price for the coffee. There is a tipping jar, and a small note saying they would like $3.50 per cup, but totally up to us...or something to that effect. Interesting.

Nice latte slightly better than the other, though both were made by Marcus. Perhaps due to the milk, the latte was a bit round, and fat. And I could hardly taste the coffee.

We started chatting, and I found they roasted in-situ. Marcus cheerfully showed us the roaster...a nice batch roaster - capable of 3kg each roast, though, he intimated, they usually roast in batches of 2kg. He also told me they were opening another branch right by the river, where Kallang Waterworks used to be, and will get a 5kg Probat roaster for that location. Make mental note to visit when open.

I tried two further shots of coffee...both espressos, this one from their Terra Firma blend: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethopia, Sumatra Mandeling.

Nice, full bodied coffee. The specs on the crema is indicative of a nice, short pull. The quantity, is probably right on the mark as a single espresso. On the palate, it was nice, round, with excellent mouthfeel. Slightly lacking in acidity perhaps, and as a result can be a bit dull...perfect for me as an after dinner espresso. I bought 250g for my home brewing.

Very interesting, relaxing place, though a bit small. But quite a good place to relax, drink a cuppa or two and learn about coffee.

They also conduct cupping sessions on the first Sat of every 10am. I will have a short report on the cupping session later.

Papa Palheta
140 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 229840
Enter by Hooper Road
Tue to Sun (Mon closed for roasting)
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