Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weasel Coffee: Second roast

My first try at roasting and brewing espresso from the Weasel Coffee I bought from Vietnam was a mini-disaster. I could not estimate the roast profile, and the coffee over-roasted. The report is here.

My second try was far better.

The peaberry beans are rather larger than regular beans. Measuring about 4 to 5mm in length, and rather fat, round diameter.

The extraction, shown here in video is classic text book. Movie is 9MB.

The first 9seconds is the pre-infusion stage, where the handle of the Casa a Leva is down, allowing hot water at low pressure to pre-infuse and wet the grounds in the porta-filter. From about 9s to 16s, I executed 3 Felini moves, where the lever is raised a little, and lowered before the pressure forces espresso to appear. This technique is seen in the Felini movie well discussed in lever machine fora. The hot, pressured water takes from about 16s to 19s to appear as droplets of espresso, and from 19s to about 25s is the first pour, the lever rising 25s, the lever is lowered again before it reaches the end of its travel to start the double shot....about 4s the water to rushes into the machine, and the lever is released at about 29s. The second shot pours from 27s till about 50s. Total pour is about 28s.

Note the pour is heavy, high viscousity, slow pour, characteristic of a good pour.

The resultant espresso doppio:

The creama is thick, good colour. The taste was lingering...good mouth feel, with a sharp tinge of acidity impinging on a base balanced with thick, liqourice like body. Rather delicious. Nice fragrance. Very long finish.
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