Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bakerzin: local dough boy does lunch too...

with RobG and AlanT

Bakerzin started business in 1998 as Baker's Inn...and realising that his talents not only lie with baking cakes, cookies et al, Daniel Tay began experimenting with local specialities. His cheng tng is really special - chock full of premium ingredients such as gingko nuts, lotus seeds, sweet potatoes, longan, white fungus and persimmons...but supremacy comes at a cost...$6.80. For some reason, this was deleted in the new menu, and I miss it already.

But I had come for the braised pork belly served on Japanese rice.

Served in a rather large bowl, the braised pork belly was smothered in a beautiful dark sauce. A half boiled egg...cooked just so...not runny, but solid enough to remain jelly like...quivering...seasoned...lovely. The egg tasted had been seasoned and infused with some herbs and soy sauce. The pork was sufficiently was tender...almost oozing by itself. The lean part had absorbed the braising liquid, and tasted wonderful. The fat tasted...well, fat. Smooth, bursting, flavourful. This was Dr. Mycroft's favourite dishes, and indeed one of mine too.

The Japanese rice, untraditional as it may seem for this dish...a Peranakan favourite...worked very well...providing a starchy fragrance. Very nice.

I also had a Bailey's Cream Souffle. The souffle is made on order and needs some 15 mins to prepare.

It came, light as air (indeed it was mostly air, but the trick to a good souffle is how the chef manipulates the ingredients to provide the required air to lift the pastry, but not too much that it becomes a bowl of air. The Bakerzin example was excellent. Light, moist, nice sweetness. Pour the Bailey's Cream over it, and enjoy.

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