Monday, April 1, 2013

The Thai Table: reasonably authentic Thai Food in Bedok

Thai Table is an interesting Thai restaurant along the row of shophouses along Jalan Pari Burong.

Jumping to the conclusion, I found the food to be rather authentic, but not spectacular, and the wait staff seem entirely Filipino. I asked for "prik nam pla"...cut chilli in fish sauce, the waiter did not understand until I asked for the same in English.

Anyway, we tried the following...first otah

Quite nice...steamed otah. Rich tasting.

The Thai mango salad was also quite good

Very light dressing. Nice, crunchy mango. As was the mixed vegetable

Lightly stir fried with fragrant fish sauce, the vegetables were fresh, and stil very crunchy. Lovely dish.

I had a phad phet kapow moo

Standard Phad Phet. One of my favourite dishes. Nicely done. Though I still prefer the one in LeWu's at Bukit Timah Rd. But this one satisfies. Maybe I am easier to satisfy as this is one of my favourites...

My dining companions had the pineapple rice

I tried a spoonful...quite nice. Fragrant, well fried. Prawns were quite fresh, sweet and crunchy.

And the other had a beef noodle

The broth was nice and beefy. The noodles and beef I did not try.

Interesting little place. Cozy, comfortable. And reasonably authentic Thai food.

The Thai Table
20 Jalan Pari Burong
Picardy Garden

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