Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best laksa in town? Try Laksania as a potential candidate

Laksa is a traditional dish served by divers peoples of the region. We have Singapore laksa, Kelantan Laksa, Indonesian Laksa, Penang Laksa and some other innovations which have crept up over the years inspired by the traditional laksas of the region.

So it is interesting that an eatery has sprung up...I guess no more than a couple of years ago, specializing in all kinds of laksa. One hot and sweaty afternoon, I headed down with a good friend to try the laksa...I had originally thought to try the Kelantan version, as I have never eaten one before, it wasn't a good idea as I would not have a reference to blog on. I also decided that imposing a high standard on the Penang Laksa may be tried what Laksania (the name is a play of words...Laksa, being the dish, and nia...being the Hokkien term for only) call their signatures.

Ordering is through a counter, like a fast food joint, but this is no fast food joint...after ordering and paying, one is given a number and the dishes served at the table.

We tried the Special Singapore Laksa

Superb. Fragrant, rich tasting. The noodles were the rough bee hoon...thicker than regular vermicilli.

Flavours deep, with dried shrimp, shallots, local spices cooked with coconut milk. One of the better laksas I have eaten. I must confess I am not a fan of the (becoming ubiquitious) Katong I find them too rich, and lacking in deep flavours. But the Laksania version thrumps the Katong Laksa in all the important and critical areas. Hits the spot for me. Love this laksa. So very highly recommended.

We also tried the Laksa Goreng...

Interesting too...same thick rice noodles. Probably the same sauce is used to fry the noodles. Egg added. Tasted like a beautifully fried noodle dish...similar in essence though not in style as the Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee, but with the twist of a rather strong (I use this in the most positive sense) undertone of the laksa flavours. Very nice too.

For a bit of meat, we added the Chicken Satay

Huge (for satay...more like kebab sized) chunks of tender chicken on skewers. Fully marinated in laksa sauce. Wonderful aroma, nicely barbecued. A curious sauce...a bit creamy, but with more than a distinct hint of laksa leaves was served. I prefer the satay au naturale...sans a sauce. Loved it too.

The drinks were a bit more mixed...I had a rather bland lemongrass, and my lunch companion had a chendol. I guess nothing to be impressed with, especially after being swept off our feet with the marvellous laksas and satay. High marks for the food, and very much recommended.

201 Victoria Street
6636 9776
Outlets also in East Coast and Nex Mall.


Unknown said...

Tis place, Laksania is definitely worth going back to for their yummy laksa n many variety of laksa dishes..

Thumbs up!! :)

FoodieFC said...

Laksa Goreng? tt sounds interesting!

Anonymous said...

You could try the katong laksa at roxy square. It's lighter than the katong laksas that have branches all over the island.