Thursday, April 11, 2013

sQue: a place for beer and food?

I saw a review at one of the local TV programs talking about Emmanuel Strobant's latest venture...known as Sque...a place for beer and meat. Interesting methot.

So I dropped by one hot afternoon with a good friend to sample the delights on offer. There was a large outdoor dining expected, the angmo expats were hanging out there. And within the two smaller air conditioned eating areas, hid many of us locals.

Beer was the order for the day...many varieties were on tap, and even more available as bottles...and as this was a Belgian influenced location, we had some beers. I opted for the very British Fullers, while my dining companion had a brew called Pure Blond...which we understood was Aussie.

Deep, almost amber, I have had the Fuller's brew at Public Houses in London, where the beer is served at room temperature...well English room temperature in an unheated cellar...typically about 23-25C. Cold to the skin, but not ice cold. Sque chose to serve this at almost ice cold temperature...for a more refreshing drink in our hot weather.

My friend chose the Pure Blond

Lighter in hue, golden. Lighter. Refreshing.

We shared a plate of deep fried calamari

Nice long strips, deep fried with some batter. The squid was tender. The batter was light, not overbearing, but was slightly greasy.

For mains, I had the beef ribs

Quite a substantial rib, I must say. Well marinated, with a coating of sauce. I found the meat to be a bit chewy, but full flavoured. Very hearty. Deep, deep beefiness. It came with a side of vegetables and mushrooms.

My friend had the sea bass

Nice piece of fish. Fresh, beautifully cooked. Crisp skin, on a bed of mashed potatoes. I tried a sample, nice fresh fish, the skin was a delight, crisp. Very nice.

We did not really have room for dessert...well actually, we did, but she wanted to go to another place across the river for some hot lava chocolate cake...but it was not to be...the place serving the cake was closed by the time we arrived, and would not open till 6pm. For the curious, of course, we had our desserts, but a rather more modest Brownie with ice cream at Book Cafe.

Overall, a delightful place for some nice beer in the afternoon, and good food. Recommended. The afternoon beer was on 1for1 Happy Hour offer, but the food was on the pricey high end European styled restaurant...but not totally unjustified.

sQue Rotisserie & Alehouse
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#01-70 The Central
+65 6222 1887

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