Thursday, January 3, 2013

Foo House

Foo House. An interesting restaurant...serving Western cuisine, opened by the former chef of Grand Hyatt. In local parlance, these Hainanese Ah Kor western stalls are reputed to be the best in the island. Offering European style cuisine and sometimes mixed with Hainanese ingenuinity.

I tried to eat at this restaurant several times. Tried thrice at their outlet at Tanjung Pagar...later to be informed that that outlet was closed. Tried twice to eat at the Pari Burong their only restaurant...but somehow managed to come twice on a Monday...and you've guessed it, they close Mondays. Anyway, went there on a Wednesday this time...and managed to try the let the cat out of the bag...very good...

Inside the restaurant, it was a bit musty...a bit dark...certainly not a high end establishment...happily the prices reflect this...rather good value.

I went with a bunch of friends and I get to try two of the dishes...I ordered their rather famous burger

One can choose the side...I opted for french fries. The burger was rather impressive. The bun is quite large...perhaps 100mm across. The patty done perfectly medium rare. I would hazard a guess that the patty is hand chopped rather than minced beef. Nice. Not too fatty. I added a fried egg. I found the burger to be quite a bit above average. Better than the $10 one at De Burgs...I have not tried their megabuck burgers at De Burgs. The fries were carefully fried...crisp outside, nice and fluffy inside.

As Edward had the salmon where the menu states that was served to Queen Elizabeth at the Grand Hyatt when she visited.

This is rather special. The salmon is done perfect. The tiniest bit of pink within the meat. The skin crispy. Very flavourful and tasty. The sauce was rather rich, but complements the fish, especially with the slice of lemon squeezed to provide counterpoint...not that it was a greasy isn't. The buttered rice was nice and fluffy. Very nice dish.

My other friends had divers dishes from their braised duck to steak to spagetti. All nodded in agpproval when asked how they felt their meals tasted.

So overall, very satisfying. Will be back for more? You bet!

Foo House
6 Jalan Pari Burong 488672
6445 3110

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