Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ayam Penyet at Dil'B

Ayam Penyet...I never knew this dish growing up...but now, it is gaining popularity in Singapore.

An Indonesian dish, made with fried chicken...then smashed with a mallet...interesting concept...and over the years, I have learnt to love this dish...especially as a mid-ride lunch. Today's post is on one of my regular nasi penyets...also in Changi Village.

The corner shop, this place also serves prata and nasi biryani, which they advertise as "Power Nasi Biryani". The biryani is quite good, but not game changing...but their ayam penyet, to me is.

The chicken is coated with a lovely, fragrant batter...aromatic...I already said that, but to emphasize that point...fried to a deep crisp, the chicken meat within is tender and juicy. Very nice. A small piece of deep fried tempeh accompanies. The rice is a rich yellow colour...I am not sure how it is made, maybe with a pinch of kunyit. But is nicely done. Even the soup, is excellent...a tasty chicken broth, nice flavours. The only thing missing are some nice vegetables...perhaps a side of stewed cabbage or an achar might be interesting.

The teh halia shown above was quite average, though. Mr Teh Tarik just across the street serves better tea.

P.S. by the time you read this post, I will be in Paris savouring the French delights, after attending the Salon International de Haut Horologie in Geneva. I may not be able to post more food notes till I return on Feb 1, though I will try and do some short Swiss and French restaurant posts.

Dil'B Restaurant
1 Changi Village Road #01-2026

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