Monday, January 7, 2013

Claypot Fun at Big Splash

Claypot rice. Some love it, some are neutral, some hate it. As for me, I love it.

One of my favourite places to eat one is at Le Chausseur who uses long grain, fragrant basmati. But recently, at the old Big Splash, we spied one interesting restaurant...called Claypot Fun...interesting name. One of my friends have eaten there before and recommended it...and on a rainy afternoon, we had lunch there.

We started off with, wel some starters...chee cheong fun...

I am not sure if they steam the pasta themselves...chee cheong fun is made by steaming a rice base gruel mix into thin, light sheets, which are then rolled, sometimes, as in this case, filled with ingredients, and dowzed in sauce. Quite nice CCF. Definitely one of the dishes to re-order.

But we came for the claypot, and its the namesake of the we ordered two different claypot rice...first the minced pork patty with salted fish.

Reminds me of the traditional steamed rice and pork dishes I used to eat as a child. They used Thail long grained fragrant rice. Nice. Firm texture, beautiful fragrance. The aromas from the salted fish punctuate the savoury richness of the pork. Magnificent with rice and some cut chilli padi, and just a dash of either soy sauce or fish sauce.

And the piece de resistance, the kampung chicken claypot with Chinese sausages

Beautiful, huge chunks of tender, juicy chicken. Mix the pot, and one finds the treasures of the sausages

With the thick black sauce, the dish really shines. The sausages are dried, and probably fried before being popped into the claypot. The claypot keeps the heat well distributed and focussed within, rendering the chicken ultra tender, and the releases the beautiful flavours and fragrance of the sausages. Very nice!

Overall, a nice restaurant, with good food. Prices are a bit steep for a place outside of the CBD, but not prohibitively so. Recommended.

Claypot Fun
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk B Playground @ Big Splash #01-11
6440 7975

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