Monday, May 14, 2012

Spied this place: Chinta Manis Peranakan

Spied this place after lunch...I guess it had been there for a while, but first time I saw it. Looked interesting and as we have had lunch, went in for some desserts. Traditional peranakan desserts in the form of kueh kueh. Looked great.

The spelling of the shop's name is in traditional Malay...Chinta as in love instead of the new spelling's rendition of cinta. Promises to be traditional, I guess.

A small selection

Clockwise, starting from the green Kueh Dadar: A pandan crepe wrapped around a filling of grated coconut soaked with gula melaka: the kueh dadar was particularly wonderful. The crepe was light, slightly elastic and springy, but nice and delecate. The filling was awesome. The gula melaka was fantastic.

Next, the kueh bengkang...a tapioca cake was also excellent. Smooth, rich flavour. I would have preferred a crust surrounding rich, almost milky interior, but this suffices. Very good.

And at the top, their ondek ondek. Rather curious, I thought, as I bit into one...expecting an explosion of gula melaka as is typical of ondek ondek. But the interior was solid...

Not my favourite, I must say, especially with the unusual filling. I went back to the counter and spied that they indeed had another ondek ondek gula melaka...suggesting that this might perhaps be the one I was expecting. But we already had our left that to explore another day.

Many of the patrons seem to be also eating their dry mee siam (or a fried bee hoon). I will definitely return to sample these.

Chinta Manis Peranakan
Cina Square Food Market
51 Telok Ayer, #01-03, Singapore 048441
6225 4754

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