Monday, May 28, 2012

Eating in Italy: Far Out! Bellagio

Italy...what a country. Some of my best friends hail from there...the food, the people, the scenery...wonderful.

I am in Bellagio, a tiny little town by the shores of the beautiful Lake Como...and for lunch, I wandered around...not wanting to eat at the hotel. I spotted this little place, somewhat up a slope just by the lake.

Being a tourist town, the waiter spoke good English, and the menu was multi lingual. Of course I wanted pasta...and the special of the day was Very Hot Spagetti in tomato sauce...when I asked the waiter "How hot?" he said, "Very hot...whooh!!"...I took the chance and ordered it anyway...

While I awaited the spagetti, a bread basket, with the typical hard long bread sticks...which I only found in Italy.

This was flat, not the classically round one, and lightly encrusted at some places with salt. Very tasty...I also had the house wine on offer...only Euro6 per half bottle.

Certainly no grande cru, but very excellent table wine. Smooth, flavourful. Deep dark hue.

And then the pasta was presented

Excellent. Al dente as only the Italians in Italy can manage. The spiciness was rather mild to my peranakan tongue. The tomato sauce's sharp tart notes was very nicely balanced with richness of olive oil. Simple, but very nice.

Nice meal, on a costing less than Euro 15 with an espresso.

Restorante Far Out!
Salita Mella 4, Bellagio (CO) -
Telefono: 031/951743

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