Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sun King Ryoriya at Robertson Walk

Sun King Ryoriya: Taiwanese style Japanese food.

Taiwanese Japanese restaurant...sounds like a strange combination...but this one works...somewhat.

I have never been to am planning a trip there this year...mainly foodie, but also to promote my book and also perhaps do a bit of bicycle shopping. So to start the mood rolling, my old friend ASG and I decided to try out some of the Taiwanese cuisine. As we met at Robertson Quay, we spied this quiet little restaurant...a Japanese family was having their lunch there, so we thought we'd give it a go.

The Chinese waitress greeted us with a wide smile, handed us the menu and presented the salad and drinks...even before we ordered...we teased that we might just eat the salad and have the drink and leave. She rebutted with a grin, that that was ok.

They had set meals, at reasonable prices...ranging from about $12 to $25. I ordered the beef curry rice...

Topped with a fried egg, the rice was typicaly Japanese rice...short grained, starchy. The beef was very tender. mainly lean meat. And the curry sauce a bit salty, but rather tasty. Rich tasting. It lacked the typicaly Japanese pickles, but this was a reasonably nice meal.

We also tried the gyoza, which turned out to be very nice

The skin was nice and crisp. Fried only on one side, the reverse was soft and tender. The meat filling was very savoury...juicy and nicely flavoured.

ASG had the noodles, which he declared to be quite nice as well.

I guess this is not a destination dining location...I won't especially travel to Robertson Quay to eat here. But if I were in the vicinity, and didn't want any Ramen (at Shenya Menkan...see review in this blog earlier) or fancy like Brasserie Wolf (also see review earlier), I might just eat here.

Sun King Ryoriya
11 Unity Street
#01-14/15 Robertson Walk

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