Thursday, March 22, 2012

Professor Brawn @ Novena

Professor Brawn: classic western meals

Home style western food in Singapore...chicken chop, fish and chips, sausages...a kind of comfort food, I guess. And one which is quite satisfying...and one which I feel the urge every once in a while. Professor Brawn is an eatery which rekindles this. Good food, nice service, ambience very canteen like, but not unpleasant...and with a social cause to boot. Lovely.

The usual makan gang comprising of CSC, Dr. Mycroft, and Larry descended one lunchtime for some serious eating and chatting...We started with a shared main course...the triple sausage platter as a starter

A nice, flavourful spicy Italian, with a chicken bratworust and a pork stuffed with cheese. I ended up liking the spicy Italian best. I would rate these regular sausages, nice, but not special.

As part of the set menu, includes a soup...which was a creamy soup. And a small carafe of either orange or lemonade. The lemonade was a bit acidic, a tinge of sour, but nicely balanced with the sweetness of the syrup. Nice touch.

I had the chicken with truffle sauce. The chicken sat on top of some crisp potato wedges. The chicken was well cooked, the skin...though not quite crispy, was rather delicious. The drizzling of the truffle sauce was a rather nice complement to the dish. Two thumbs up for this classic western dish, easily found in hawker centres and food courts in Singapore.

CSC had the signature fish and chips:

A rather large slice of breaded, fried dory served on top of fries. Looked nice, and was confirmed by CSC...who commented that the dish brought back nostalgia of Hainanese Ako cooking western meals, with a Hainanese twist. A sentiment echoed by all.

Larry had the pork ribs

Perhaps half a rack...Larry hinted that he thought Tony Roma's was better, but the ribs smelled heavenly with a nice dollop of BBQ sauce and the meat tender enough for him to tease it off the bone with the slightese prodding.

Nice, inexpensive eatery, conveniently located. Food good, though not exceptional. Nice brisk service. Worth revisits.

Professor Brawn Cafe @ Novena
#02-78/79 Novena Square,
238 Thomson Road
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 930pm Mon to Sun
(65) 6253 4650

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