Monday, March 19, 2012

All day breakfasts: Wild Honey at Scotts Square

Wild Honey at Scotts

All day breakfasts are an interesting concept. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage. Even thinking about it gives me a comfort feeling. Homely.

One of the standard bearers of this kind of lunching or dining is Wild Honey...the original outlet in Mandarin Galleria was a great much so that long queues often form outside. The restaurant had a "No Reservations" policy.

So when they opened at Scotts, now newly refurbished and refreshed, they started taking we thought, let's go lunch there.

I arrived a bit early but was showed to my table immediately by the cheerful hostess. Service was a bit spotty here. The hostess who greeted me, and indeed everyone of the waitresses were smiling, warm, but it did take 2 reminders before they brought me some water.

I ordered the Canadian...three fluffy pancakes, with Canadian maple syrup, berry compote and Canadian bacon back.

Pancakes are a comfort food for me. For some reason, I love the ones served at IHOP...a chain store only found in North America. I love them light, fluffy, tasty...and goes so well with a blob of butter, a generous drizzling of maple syrup or honey. And a nice generous helping of blueberry compote.

Wild Honey's version almost lived up to those expectations. The pancakes were nice and fluffy. Quite tasty on its own, and nearly divine with the maple syrup. The compote was a bit sour, tart...perhaps. But not in line with the richness of the pancakes. No cream or butter was offered...but I didn't need any. The bacon was crisp, fairly lean as bacon goes...but I found it altogether too salty.

Lionel went for the Full English breakfast

Full is the operative word. Two scrambled eggs, tomato, halfed fried button mushrooms, fried potato cubes, sausage, baked beans and almost half a loaf of bread. I didn't taste the dish, but it smelled heavenly, though the scrambled eggs looked a tad over cooked.

We also ordered some coffees...but they were nothing to shout about...typically overextracted brews. The foreground coffee was a cafe machiatto...altogether too milky for a machiatto...even the out of focussed top tells this tale. The main cup in the picture is a fancy mocha coffee.

Nice place...beautiful interior. Good crowd, a tad noisy at times. The crowd was perhaps 80% female...tai tais and ladies who lunch, I guess.

Wild Honey
03-01, Scotts Square
#01-14/15 Robertson Walk

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