Monday, January 16, 2012

Ramen Champion at Iluma: Ikkousha

Ramen Champion at Iluma, Singapore: Tetsu

More on the same Ramen Champion stadium at Iluma. Today, I tried the Ikkousha.

I made my order to what I think is a Japanese cook...and unlike the other times at Ramen Champion, he asked me to wait instead of giving me the buzzing device to call when the ramen is ready. But he was fast, and the ramen came quickly...

I order the special (extra chasu) and 1.5 noodles

The egg was perfect. Nice, flavoured. Gooey inside, almost firm whites. The large slices of chasu almost completely concealed the noodles from the viewer as it was plated. The chasu was flavourful...not as fat as most, and cooked such that it was so tender it fell apart when poked with a pair of chopsticks.

The noodles were the thin, almost wiry hakata style noodles. I prefer the fatter ones served by Bario and Tetsu.

With 4 down...and 2 more to go, my verdict on my favourite is still Tetsu's Super Rich Paitan Tsukumen. Slurp. BTw, many bloggers reported that the Paitan dipping sauce can be heated up with a hot stone placed in the bowl. This was not the case as one of my lunch partners requested one for his sauce. The cook came with a heated piece of iron, shaped like an egg...dipped it into the sauce...causing the sauce to boil with wild abandon. And heating the sauce. Nice touch.

I will come back perhaps to try the last 2...soon, I hope...but as this post goes online, I am in Geneva...and will return with coverage of some more Swiss dining.
Ikkkousha Ramen Champion 201 Victoria Street 4F Iluma

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