Monday, November 14, 2011

Espresso Joints: Toby's Estate

Continuing on the series on Third Wave Espressos...we now come to Toby's Australian concern, helmed by the efferverscent Suhaimi Sukardi, who started and manages the "I am a Barista in Singapore" Facebook page...where I am a member.

The place is rather hidden, tucked in a new residential building in the river. Nicely located, but not the best for visitors who there is no parking in the building. Gotta park at Robertson Quay area.

Anyway, the cafe is large, airy. Nice. Pride of place is a huge, and I really mean huge roaster...

Definitely the largest amongst the 3W gang...some 15kg per roast.

The work bench and barista area is occupied by the large Mazzers and Speedster.

The coffees?

I had the espresso doppio:

A little dark, slightly forboding. But good mouth, thick, heavy. A bit bitter. Crema is light and dissipates quickly.

The latte featured a nice, well defined art...

Nice smooth feel in the mouth. Rich...milky, creamy. A tinge of the espresso offers some bite.

Overall, a worthy place to hang out for 3rd Wave customers...nexct time I will try the food..

Toby's Estate
8 Rodyk st. #01-03/04. Singapore 238216 +65 66367629
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