Thursday, November 17, 2011

Airline food: Singapore Airlines First Class

Some say PPS (Singapore Airlines' Priority Passenger) get treated like gods on board SQ flights. I am not so sure. I have been a TPP (Top Priority Passenger...their Solitaire class...currently the highest being offered by the starts with Krisflyer Silver, then Gold, then PPS, then TPP. They used to offer LPP (Lifetime Priority Passenger) as a higher level than TPP, but withdrew that. LPPs do not have to re-qualify annually by spending S$25k on First and Business class flights...yes, no how much Economy flights you take on SQ, you will never go beyond KF Gold.) I find the treatment of TPPs varying at best. Sometimes, we get the recognition, sometimes, we are just treated like any other passenger.

One of the privellages of a TPP is access to the SQ First Class Lounges at Changi regardless of class of travel. In fact, they should rename this Solitare full fare paying First Class passengers get access to a special lounge within. But I digress.

Anyway, my work has allowed me enough flying to be TPP...and have been for 13 years. More than a million miles clocked on SQ tails. I never book on First Class, but travel on Business Class often enough to qualify. And my 13 years, I can count on the number of times SQ has upgraded me to first. Once to Shanghai, once on return from Zurich. And just a few days ago, on my return flight from Frankfurt.

The seats on the 77W First Class is not too different in width from the Business Class seats. But a bit more pitch (airline lingo for length of the seat translating to legroom). There is no hump from the seat in front...but there are no overhead storage in the bags stay under the seat.

Note new unisex toiletery kit (still Salvatore Ferragamo) right of the TV, and the new Givenchy pajamas (track suit) just left of my boots.

Krug is the champagne of choice in First, though, on request Dom Perignon is also available. I prefer Krug anyway...

And dinner? We started with a fairly large dollop of caviar with toast and accompaniments...nice. No pic of that, sorry.

And a very beautiful pork soup...nicely done...tasty, hot.

For mains, I selected the coconut chicken curry with rice

Rich...extremely rich coconut milk...perhaps cream...the spices are nicely balanced, though slightly overpowered by the richness of the cream. The rice was nicely done, long grained, fragrant. Overall, quite enjoyable...especially after 10 days of weisswurst, schweinshaxe and rich French meals (two of those will be featured in the next blog entries...both Michelin starred meals...and one with a twist).

And the dessert? White choc...

Needless to say, service was class! Attentive, always with a smile, always addressing me by name. Suberb.

SQ325 Frankfurt to Singapore
Seat 2A, Nov 12
First Class on Boeing 777.
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