Thursday, September 8, 2011

Satay in Penang: Satay Hut

Satay is one of the comfort foods. Originally Malay in origin...though, I think if we trace back probably converge with other cuisines in pre-history...the tradition of barbecuing meat on a skewer is found almost in all old cultures. But the uniqueness of the Malay/Indonesian satay is the peanut sauce.

Typically, satay stores are roadside carts...barbecuing their meats on a charcoal fire...with the pakcik fanning the coals to cook the skewered meat. But this was a real cafe style store within a large hypermarket.

We ordered the chicken and the beef...

The beef was a bit on the tough side...but chalk that up to lack of fat in the meat. But the sauce was gorgeous. Truly gorgeous. Very rich, creamy, with aromatic crunchy peanuts. Beautiful. Reminded me of a shop in Centerpoint some 20 years ago, called Satay Anika which served the most marvellous satay I have tasted. Satay Anika's meats were chunky, fat and tender. But they are no more. Alas.

The chicken was a bit more tender, but flavourful. And the same power sauce...

BTW, the sauce looks different in hue, but tasted more or the same. I am not sure if they take the trouble to make two different sauces for beef and chicken. But looking through my photographs (I forget how they looked then), the GH2 saw the colours as different.

They also served a rather nice roti jala

A pancake of sorts, but made by dripping flour onto a hot flat pan by allowing the flour mix to drip on the pan through small holes in the can containing the mix. Resulting in a pancake which looks like a net...the Malay word for net is jala, hence the name. The beef rendang we had was very good. The meat was still a bit chewy, but totally in character with the rendang. The sauce, rich, smothering and wonderfully aromatic.

Disclaimer: The shop is owned by my sister's friend...though when we visited, we did not inform the owner, and she was not at the store. My sister is not known to her staff, so we believe we did not get any preferential treatment.

Satay Hut
Tesco (Tg. Pinang) Tanjung Tokong, Penang 10470

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