Thursday, September 22, 2011

Espresso Joints: Geisha Coffee

Geisha coffee...a local coffee joint...not all espresso, but hinting at the famous Geisha coffee...and I guess, the coy Geishas of Kyoto's Gion district. But I digress...

This is a little cafe, owned and operated by Wang. An espresso machine, more like one in a cookie shop than a true blue espresso bar sits on the counter. I must admit, I am not really familiar with the make...Casadio, it says on the side.

They offer several types of coffee, all roasted inhouse, but what is interesting is that Wang actually use a hottop style electric roaster...roasting batches of no more than 250g each time. But despite the equipment, he is beaming full of enthusiasm. This man loves his coffee. Each batch, is carefully roasted, then cooled, and sealed in ziplock bags, and lovingly stored in his shelf.

I saw him doing a cupping session...his actions were delebrate...careful, respectful.

I opted for the special espresso blend...I forget which:

Good. A little lacking in crema. But the espresso was bright, lively. On the palate, it lacks the creamy, viscousity. But is vivacious, and comforting. A little bitterness brings the taste to fruition. Nice after taste.

Interesting little place, one out of the norm in the equipment it uses. But it goes to show, how passion can show in the products offered by the passionate.

Geisha Coffee
175 Bencoolen street #01-55 Burlington Square
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