Monday, August 8, 2011

Pepper Lunch Express: steaks on a budget

Food Courts in Singapore sometimes have nice stuff to eat...though I sometimes shudder at the chain stores from foreign shores who have landed on ours start to muscle their way into the Food Courts.

Pepper Lunch is a tepanyaki like place, which used to have a few restaurants scattered around our island....but I think in the last 2 years or so, have shrunken their presence, and now also available in some Food Courts as Pepper Lunch Express.

The pepper steak...sliced cut of sirloin, seared and cooked on a hot plate, with a knob of superb seasoned butter. And plenty of bean sprouts and some long beans served with a bowl of rice.

Quite superb, I must say. Especially for the price (S$9.50) is quite good value. The beef was tender, and once the desired done-ness is reached, I usually pick the pieces up and put them atop the bean sprouts to prevent further cooking. Quite delicious.

So is the pepper chicken...which came with the rice to be mixed in-situ.

I do detect judicious use of MSG, but this is perhaps par for the course...tasty food, good prices.

Pepper Lunch
numerous places in many malls
Funan Digital Mall Food Court
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