Monday, August 22, 2011

Penang Food: Cze Char with exceptional curry: Teksen

Sunday August 21 was "Cook a pot of curry day" in Singapore. The aim of the day is to promote racial harmony amongst the multi-racial and multi-cultural people who live side by side every day in our tiny island.

As I had just returned from an eating trip to Penang, I shall feature the best two curries I ate when I was there for both of this week's posts. The first is a Chinese cze char restaurant called Teksen (also variously known as Teik Sin, and Tek Sen).

The place is as nondescript as they come, but at meal times, it becomes chock a block, with people streaming in from all corners...filling up the rather large dining room (2 shop lots worth) rather quickly.

Many came to sample the roast pork, I believe, roasted in-house, and fried with a honey sauce.

I found pork to be hearty...not as refined as those you find in the fine restaurants in Hong Kong and Singapore. I found it a bit too sweet at first blush, but as I muched on, there is a certain beguilling quality about the pork. The meat was a bit firm, crunchy, and very fragrant. The honey sauce impinged a sweetness...

Their potato leaf fried with sambal was exceptional

Superior fragrance and taste. The leaves were fresh, young shoots...and tasted wonderful. The touch of sambal belachan and chilli lifted the poor man's vegetable to be a dish fit for a gourmet. One of the best sambal belachan potato leaf dish I have eaten.

But I started this with the curry, and I feature the wonderful sour and spicy pot of stingray curry:

Again, exceptional. The stingray was ultra frash...soft, tender, moist meat. Wonderful texture. The curry was an assault on the senses...wonderful aroma, sour, spicy, salty...were the flavours detected. Most wonderful. And fitting tribute to the multi-racial society of Penang, and by extension on Cook a Pot of Curry day...Singapore.

apologies for poor pictures, as the interior of the restaurant was dimly lit...and I had to shoot at low shutter speeds...should have used the mini-tripod.

Restoran Teksin
18/20 Lebuh Carnavon
off Cambell Street

View Teik Seng Restaurant Shifted to New Outlet at Carnarvon Street in a larger map
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