Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crystal Jade celebrates 20th Anniversary

Crystal Jade celebrated their 20th Anniversary by a historic signing of a 3 year partnership with World Vision...a humanitarian organization dedicated to children, families and their communities. The celebration was held at NEX Mall, just outside the Crystal Jade restaurant, and all proceeds, estimated to be about S$100k, will go to the charity.

But as a foodie blog, we get to sample all the Crystal Jade restaurants in one place. Crystal Jade Golden Palace, Kitchen, La Mian Xiao Long Bao, and My Bread, among others were present.

I did try and sample some of the dishes:

Har Cheong Kai...

Nicely done. Crisp, fragrant outside, wonderfully juicy and tender meat within.

I particularly liked the beef spare ribs, done with a beguilling dark sauce, and topped with shaved bonito.

The curry chicken was done Hong Kong cantonese style:

Low on spices, but high on taste. Very creamy mouthfeel. The chicken was tender, and fully infused with the curry. Lacks the bite and punch of a good Indian or Peranakan chicken curry.

The Peking Duck made its appearance:

I covered this delightful dish in an earlier blog on Crystal Jade. Same wonderful duck. Same beautiful, crisp skin.

Only the serving style was modified for the fun fair like an open cardboard box, with a toothpick as a utensil.

The roast pork was presented similarly:

But aside from the presentation to suit the environment, the taste and texture of the dish were all there. Very nice.

Thanks to Crystal Jade and Linea for the invitation to the event.

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