Monday, July 25, 2011

Seb's Bistro

Sebastian Reuiller is an interesting fellow. Cutting his teeth at Les Amis with the legendary Justin Quek, he moved on to a bistro bearing his name at Greenwood Park (Sebastian's...which I have written about before...and lamented that it is no longer in existance for the gorgeous confit du canard), then to Picotin. And now in a fairly new place, once again bearing his name...Seb's Bistro.

The restaurant is rustic and relaxed...and dining, lunching, breakfasting is al-fresco, with giant fans blowing wind to cool the eaters...:-)

The place is child friendly, and the same building also houses a children's play the parents can eat in peace while the kids have their fun. We were there on a lazy Sunday, with some good friends visiting from Hong Kong...

Edward had the Sunday Roast, man's cut...some 500g of roast beef on the bone...

Two huge slabs of, and richly marbled, lay on the plate with cherry tomatoes, some green beans and a large baked potato. A small Yorkshire pudding lies on a separate small plate to complete the Sunday Roast.

The order was for medium rare...

And it was just a little over medium rare, and just shy of medium...actually what I like...:-). Edward tends to prefer a little bloodier...but this doneness is perfect for the rest of us...of course even a young man cannot finish 500g of beef in one sitting, we each took our cuts. The beef was superb. Wonderfully seasoned, the cut was beefy, the meat was perfect in its consistency and makeup...not too soft as to fall off the bone, but not tough at all. The mouthfeel was superb. I can still almost taste the beef in my mouth. One of the best roast beef I have eaten in a while, and in memory better than roast beef specialist Lawry's.

Our friend Lean also ordered the same, but the ladies cut, which was still some 300g. And she also shared it with her husband.

I had the lamb shank. I ordered the confit du canard, as I remembered how wonderful it had always been at Sebastian's...but they didn't have it that day.

This was braised till ultra tender...fall off the bone with the prodding of a fork kind of tender. The meat was flavourful without being overbearing with the taste and aroma of mutton. The gravy was rich, satisfying. And the mashed potatoes which accompany was also very creamy, smooth and tasty. Another winning dish.

Kin had the lamb chops

For me, it was also superb. The lamb had the nice aroma, again not overpowering, but a faint hint that it is indeed lamb and not another meat. The meat was a little tough...requiring some mastication before it is swallowed...but for me, very good. Kin thought it a little tougher than she preferred. We briefly compared it to the one served at La Nonna's...and though this was a good lamb chop to me, we concluded in agreement that La Nonna's was better. The lamb was served on a bed of potato gratin...which I again found to be superb, and a side of grilled vegetables.

Sean, with the intention of sharing Lean's beef, ordered a chicken pics. But he declared it to be quite nice.

Dessert time! Kin had to have the chocholate cake:

She thought it to be lesser than what Reuiller used to serve at Sebastian's...I do agree...the chocholate lava within did not quite have the same consistency and viscousity as it was a bit too viscous. But I thought it was a nice, bitter chocholate blend, and went well with the vanilla ice cream.

I had the apple tart

Which I thought quite nice. The fruits adorning the tart were fresh, and the pasty light and fluffy. Shiok.

Sean had the pear tart...

I did not taste the tart, but it looked exquisite.

Overall, I think Seb's Bistro delivers....great food, good ambience...I would have preferred some air conditioning though. But definitely one to return many times.

Seb's Bistro
(al fresco only)
7 Rochester Park
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