Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coffee Stars by Dao

Recently opened...a favourite of mine in Bangkok...known as Coffee Beans by Dao in Thailand, this is a wonderful type of Thai fusion restaurant...typical in the Thai capital. Superb food, easy, relaxing ambience.

Their new outlet in Singapore was a bit different. Long queues, and though the service staff are quick, attentive and knowledgable, they are often too stretched to perform a result, service is not good.

But the food is. Wonderful...sublime are the words which come to my mind when I think of the food...

Really nice salad, with the typicaly mix of Thai tastes...sweet, sour, spicy and salty in one plate. The greens are very fresh and crunchy, but the salad dressing is quite special. Very nice.

I love the char kway teow...done in a fusion Thai/Penang style...

Nicely fried, with good wok hei. And the noodles are just so smooth, with a nice bite, and just slides down the throat...yes, I am tempted to say...sublime. The ingredients are fresh, the prawns are large, succulent and crunchy to the bite...with a breath of the sea. Shiok.

And the desserts are very good too...

I had the durian cake...very good...tasty. Thai durians were used...I suspect Monthoong, so the mouse like durian filling is superbly smooth, creamy.

Highly recommended, albeit perhaps till they sort out the shortage of staff, and improve the service. But superb food.

Coffee Stars by Dao
Wisma Atria
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