Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rasapura Masters at MBS: a nice hor fun.

Hor fun is a standard offering from cze char a one dish meal...complete...carbs check, proteins check, vegetables check.

So for the solo diner, this and other dishes of the same fried rice, char kway teow, various noodle soups are the lunch or dinner of choice.

I love a good hor fun...but unfortunately, most served by the cze char stalls are lame. The hor fun is usually not fried no wok hei. The gravy too watery or too starchy, and not flavourful. The ingredients, especially the seafood not fresh. The vegetables overcooked.

I am glad to report that none of these apply to the cze char stall at Rasapura Masters. One of the less expensive meals to be had in MBS, this was quite delightful.

All the right ticks on the all the right boxes. Noodles had wok hei. Fried enough, as my late father would say. The seafood, reasonably fresh. The gravy...yum, tasty. All for $5. Not bad. Not bad indeed.

Cze Char stall
Rasapura Masters Food Court
Marina Bay Sands
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