Thursday, January 6, 2011

Men Men Don Don...Japan in Singapore?

A new shopping center in Singapore...curious crowds great numbers...jamming the car parks, the entrances and exits, the toilets, and the walkways. The newly opened NEX is no different. Even on a Wednesday lunchtime, when I was there...the place was rather crowded. Good for business...well, only time will tell. Crowds always descend on new malls. Time will tell.

ASG and I strolled down the seemed there were many food outlets there, including two food courts - one small one by Food Republic and a larger one by Food Junction...along with literally tens of small food shops.

In one little corner, almost tucked away in B2, lies a very small shop...with its kitchen occupying perhaps 60% of the shop space, what was left was a small walkway with tables for 2, and a counter. Curious name too...Men Men Don Don...I guess referring in plural that they have noodles (men) and rice (don). The shop served Japanese fast food...the various dons, some ramen. Not a specialist like many in Japan tend to be, but the cramped quarters do remind me of the little shops that dot the train stations in Tokyo.

A cheerful girl took our orders...

I had a unadon.

The rice was rather generous...probably almost twice as much as a typical serving of chicken rice. And for S$7.90, I was served one tail's worth of eel. The fish was smothered with sauce, which spilled over onto the rice...just like they do in Japan, and a liberal sprinkling of sliced dried seaweed adorns on top. One bite on the eel, the taste and texture is excellent. Mild, with no mud flavours, tender...almost creamy meat is concealed within the skin...which was a bit firm in consistency and had a springy texture. Memories rush to Tokyo's little unagi shops...yes, it was that good. I say!

ASG had the hotate don

I had a sample of one of his scallops...tasted good too. The scallops were served whole in a mixture of egg and the same generous sprinkling of dried seaweed. For S$5.90, this was even better value.

We agreed it was worth another visit...perhaps we could order 3 bowld of different meals, and share. The salmon sashimi with ikura on rice looked very tempting. As were the various onigiris.

Men Men Don Don
23 Serangoon Central Mall (Nex), #B2-10
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