Monday, January 10, 2011

Favourites: Char Kway Teow

I have featured CKT it is one of my favourite ways to increase the cholesterol to my need to indulge sparingly. Penang CKT is a firm soul favourite. But the Singapore version, with sweet sauce is also loved. The latter version, my favourites are the Outram Park CKT, now in the Hong Lim Temp Market, and the Yong Huat version. I used to like the one served by Hai Kee when he was still at Margaret Drive...but I feel, especially after the avian flu scare of 2004, his CKT has been becoming more and more bland. So I don't feel Hai Kee deserves my small calorie and cholesterol budget anymore. One of the favourites of fellow Singaporeans is the Hill Street in Bedok...but for me, to use an acronym of the Gen Y-ers...CMI...cannot make it.

But one which delights me often, and warrants a drive to Old Airport Road is Dong Ji...a bit unusual...perhaps more like a hybrid between Singapore and Penang versions.

Served with seafood...unusual in Singapore (except for cockles)...the more expensive S$4 version comes with prawns and squid. The seafood imparts a very beautiful fragrance. The CKT is rather dry, though in the frying process, the uncle does seem to splash quite a bit of water. He also adds a dash of sweet black sauce, it tastes savoury rather than sweet...perhaps a hint of sweetness to lift the taste a bit.

Wok hei is super. Note the charred bits, which impart the smokey flavour. Wonderful.

The old uncle who fries the CKT is a bit of a grumpy old fellow...never smiles..grunts in Hokkien when you order. But good CKT.

Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow
Old Airport Road Food Centre
Opens daily
8am till 2pm
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