Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good eats in CBD: Copper Chimney

The Copper Chimney...a name which brings back memories of Mumbai for me. Situated in between the city and the airport along the only road connecting the downtown Nariman Point area to the airport area, this restaurant was a godsent for the tiring journeys as one traveses the city going from hotel to meetings and vice versa. The food was wonderful, the ambience quiet and restful. Lovely.

I was surprised when I saw the same name in the CBD of Singapore recently. Just right smack at road level of UIC Building. The first thing you will notice is the large number of Indians eating at the restaurant. This is a good sign, me thot. Kin, who had eaten there before was enthusiastic...her office is just around the corner at One Raffles Quay.

We arrived a bit earlier than the crowd. The food was served from a warmer...a bit like economy rice.

Butter chicken, dhal (yellow lentil), alor ghobi (potatoes and cauliflower) were superb. The butter chicken was very creamy to the mouth, the chicken super tender...almost disintegrating at the probing of a fork, and almost melting in the mouth...a little bite for spiciness as good measure. I thought the dhal could be a bit richer, but Kin enjoyed it very much. The alor ghobi was also very good. The rice used was superb, long grained, very fragrant basmati...and delicately spiced up with saffron, and masala.

Mutton curry, shreded cabbage, peas and carrots, and an Indian scrambled egg was the other plate. The mutton curry was delectable. Spicy, but not too hot...the mutton was also very tender and smooth. Its interesting that they managed to get this consistency in the meat when the goat where the mutton came from was obviously very lean. The vegetables were regular...crunchy juliened slices of cabage. And the egg quite nicely spiced and fragrant. The rice, was fried rice...using basmati with bits of peas, carrot cubes and spices.

Acutally quite a gem in the middle of the CBD.

Copper Chimney
3, Shentonway 01-02 Shenton House
Singapore-068805 (Opp Aviya Insurance Co.)
Tel: +65-63980774/98495006/97853650
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