Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crystal Jade Golden Palace

Crystal Jade is one of the more successful restaurant chains in Singapore. Their reputation is almost bullet proof. Their flagship store is the original...taking prime lot in Ngee Ann City. But a few years ago, they opened a fine dining outlet in Paragon...indicentally, directly opposite, and on the same floor as the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck restaurant I blogged about earlier.

The fine dining restaurant is decorated accordingly...a black and white theme persists, and as one enters, a beautiful glass wine cellar adorns the wall on the right.

The food is quite excellent too...I had lunch there with a friend from Japan. We started with the tofu with vegetables.

Regular readers of this blog would know that I always have a soft spot for well made tofu dishes. This was no different. The home made tofu was silken smooth, superbly fragrant on the inside, and with a slightly more elastic, deep golden brown skin protecting the precious cargo within. The sauce was a superior brown sauce made with chicken stock and seafood. Very good.

We also had the avant garde dish: suckling pig with foie gras:

This was also superb. The crispy, wonderful aroma skin of the suckling pig, complemented beautifully with the rich, creamy texture and the wonderful nose of the pan seared foie gras. Excellent East meets West dish.

We also had the more traditional salted egg yolk prawns.

The prawns were fairly large, succulent...crunchy almost...and was fresh...and they were embraced in loving care by the rich, thick, paste of lightly fried salted egg yolk. Sinful dish, to be sure...but oh so good in the mouth.

We also tried the pan fried carrot cake:

Nice and crisp on the outside, wonderfully soft, tender and almost gooey on the inside. Not exactly the best carrot cake I have ever tried...Taste Paradise's classic rendition of the XO Carrot Cake is superior, but nonetheless very nice.

Great place to entertain in the middle of the city...good ambience, nice food.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurant
290 Orchard Road #05-22 The Paragon Singapore
+65 6734 6866
11.30am – 3pm, 6 – 11pm
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