Monday, August 9, 2010

Exotic Seafood for little money: Rabbit Seafood

This little place in Lucky Plaza has been around for a long time...ok, I have been around I remember fondly the Japanese inspired coffee joint, run by a few aunties which occupies the very same shoplot years ago. Strong brew, made by a method which coffee experts would think is completely wrong...their coffee is made by the Siphon, boiled (yes, boiled) and reboiled...twice siphoned. But their King brew is absolutely wonderful...mildly acidic, good body. Strong, with a good kick. Their thick butter kaya toast is also something to look forward to...silky smooth Japanese bread, spread with kaya, butter, toasted. They also serve a very mild chicken curry. But alas, they are no more.

And in their place, Rabbit Seafood has taken root...known for serving reasonably priced sharks fin, abalone, lobster...a serving (very tasty) of sharks fin omellete as shown costs a mere S$5.50.

Omelette with thin, loose shreds of sharks fin, a soup of prawns, and mushroom, and a dessert of cheng thng. A bowl of rice, a small plate of lettuce. Perfect complements to each other. The omelette was very nicely done...very tasty, the shark's fin is in small quantities, to be sure, but makes itself known. The dish is absolutely delicious. Plus they serve red cut chilli padi, and when coupled with soy sauce, takes on a persona of enabler to the omelette and rice.

The deep fried tofu with spinach and mushroom is also interesting.

A rather thick, somewhat gelatinous in texture skin covers the tofu. The texture of the skin is a bit springy, but gives way quickly...I imagined it to have been deep fried till crisp, and then allowed to absorb the sauce till it gains this texture. The insides of the tofu was silky smooth, and a nice fragrance of soy permeates.

The special for the day was two whole baby lobsters (technically these were large prawns, as they lack pincers), coated with batter, deep fried. And served with a anchovy condiment on the side. Also with shredded cabbage, a soup and dessert.

The lobster were rather small. The meat was tasty, but a bit tiny. And the batter covered the entire shell, making it a tad difficult to handle with chopsticks. The dish was very tasty...great crustacean aroma, nicely balanced with a tinge of sweetness and a touch of richness. Very nice. S$5.50 also.
S$8.50the same price. They also have Buddha Jump over the Wall for $8.50. I had tried this in an earlier visit...and it was great value for money.

Overall, the food is quite nice, and actually quite fantastic if you take into consideration the price.

Rabbit Brand Seafood Speciality
304 Orchard Road
#02-114 Lucky Plaza
Tel: 6737 9722
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