Monday, November 3, 2014

Eating in Germany: El Rodizio, Dresden

Often the best things in life are the simple kind. A beer. A steak, done perfectly. Simple, satisfying.

After almost a week of feasting, on schewinhaxe, sausages, and Michelin starred French cuisine in Dresden, I went to a nearby steakhouse to the hotel I was staying (Kempinski Taschenbergpalais), and had a great steak meal.

The place was rather packed on a Saturday evening, at 8pm. I was told, I could only get a seat if I left at 10:15. No problem, I told the waiter...who spoke perfect English.

Ordered my usual Chicago medium...charred on the outside and medium on the inside, and a glass of house unfiltered brew which was rather delicious.

And voila, the steak arrived in short order...

Looks great, and the aroma of the steak was wonderful. 200g of Black Angus ribeye, grilled perfectly. With a side of vegetables came up to a rather inexpensive 17.60, a bit more than S$28. 

The steak was excellent. Tender, beefy flavour, and done perfect...the meat was indeed medium almost all through the steak, with only a very small sliver, right at the edge, greyed out due to my request for charring on the outside.

Excellent steak and great meal. Highly recommended if you are in Dresden. The location is great, right by Aldstadt, around the corner from the historic city center - by the Frauenkirche, Zwinger.

Mexikanisches Steakhouse El Rodizio‎
Wilsdruffer Straße 22
01067 Dresden
Tel.: 0351 / 49 76 884
Fax: 0351 / 49 77 231

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