Thursday, October 7, 2010

In Flight food...Book the Cook in Singapore Airlines

I often fly with Singapore Airlines. Its my preferred airline. When I have been away for a while, stepping into the aircraft makes me feel instantly at home. Some people have remarked that the crew treat angmo passengers better than locals...I must admit, after about a million miles on board SQ, I have found this to be untrue as it applies to me. Crew on board are either average but efficient, or wonderful. I have the privillage of being served by many excellent crew. When they are good, they are wonderful. And when they are average they are still above what most other airlines can offer.

I particularly like their Book the Cook program. These are specially prepared meals, booked before checking in. On my flight from Singapore to Los Angeles recently, I booked two legs on BTC...from Singapore to Tokyo, I had the time treasured, and favourite Lobster Thermidor, and from Tokyo to Los Angeles the Unagi.

The Lobster Thermidor is well executed. Good sized piece of lobster, quite nicely done, I must say.

The lobster itself is a warm water spiny lobster...the kind without the great big claws...some people will say that the crustacean is better catagorized as a crayfish. The meat from the tail is quite sizable, a bit chewy, but full of flavour. Perfect, with a glass of Charles Heinsedick they serve in Business Class...and even better with Krug which is available in First.

The second leg, I had Unagi, taken on board from the Tokyo catering kitchen.

This was rather ordinary...especially as it was on-boarded from Tokyo.

The eel was nicely marinated, but a tiny whiff of eel kept it from excellent. The meat was smooth, and almost creamy, and just short of being magnificent.

On my return, I had the Sukiyaki beef from LAX to NRT. This was excellent. Really good. I didn't take a pic.

And from NRT to SIN, it was unagi again...same as before...just short of excellent.

The Book the Cook program is rather brilliant. I have had great curries in flight, as well as the favourite lobster thermidor.

Singapore Airlines
Book the Cook
Available on most Business Class and First Class Flights


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Peter. Surprised that both servings of unagi served on different legs exhibited the same tendency to just be actually "short" of great. Still that bodes well for consistency of the other dishes which hit the spot.

Incredible service onboard SQ. Looking forward to sampling that soon, somehow. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Wow the dishes looks good! My short 'Book the Cook' experience from Singapore to Bali wasn't that elaborated :)

marlowe said...

Wow, nice's an even nicer SQ-PayPal promo...