Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Big D Grill: Again

with family

I had always wanted to return to the Big D Grill ever since the Makan Session. The taste of the kurobuta pork, of the wagyu, of the pastas lingers in my mind...but somehow we never managed to return...until this Sunday.

I ordered the familiar: Kurubota pork chops:

The pork looked resplendent in its glory...perfectly grilled...with Damien, I didn't have to tell him I wanted it charred outside, medium was de rigeur for him...the pork chop was done the way I liked.

The kurobuta pork was thick, rich, juicy, and grilled wonderfully. Very very good...flavourful, tender...everything one could want in a pork chop. The whipped potato was divine as was so fine, and creamy. Edward loved the pork and the potatos.

The home made baked beans were also superb.

We also had an order of spagettin carbonara:

Unlike the last degustation, the pasta was al dente. The sauce, super rich and creamy. The sauce lacked a bit of punch, and I later discovered that this was because Damien did not use Parmigiani cheese, but regular parmesan cheese. But the richness of the egg was apparent, and made a nice dish.

And we tried something new...the onglet.

The onglet, is a French word used to describe a cut of beef which hangs from the diagphragm of the steer. This was a cut of beef which is lean and known for its flavour.

As can be seen above, the cut was sinewy...indeed, anatomically this is a piece of muscle which continues from the diagphragm of the cow...the diagphragm is s tough piece of meat, because this is a heavily used muscle...used for breathing. But the onglet is kind of like an extension, hanging from it. Seared in high heat quickly is the only way to cook onglet, and Damien gets this. The cut was done charred outside, and just a touch rare of medium rare. Edward enjoyed it, but I thought a minute more on each side on the skillet will do the trick...and make the steak perfectly Chicago medium rare. Indeed the cut was chewy, a bit tough even, though not to the extent of being bothersome...the texture was rather nice on the palate...but very flavourful. Deep, strong flavours of beef, and a slight hint of kidneys.

Overall again, The Big D's Grill delivers fine meats. He also had an offering of peranakan dishes - pork and pineapple curry, assam fish curry, ayam buah keluak...but this Sunday, we were all western.

Big D's Grill
Block 46 Holland Drive
Singapore 270046

Open daily from 12pm-2.30pm and 6pm-9.30pm, except Thursdays which is dinner only from 5.30pm till 9.30pm


Unknown said...

Trying the familiar with something new always pleases the palate more it seems. Braving to do so/sampling something new mixes well with the usual good feelings associated with memories especially when done right. Looks like a another place to bring my son to. Learned something new today, onglet. Thanks Peter!!

Le Marque said...

was the kurobuta pork big enough? i'm afraid it will be too little for me! hoping to visit it within the next 2 weeks...

liverpool1965 said...

should try his beef rendang or warm chocolate pudding if he still does them pchong! :)