Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ice Cream: The u.d.d.e.r.s, Singapore

with colleagues

Ice Cream...few can resist it, and many succumb. But to succumb to mediocre ice cream is akin to committing a crime...the calories, fat, cholesterol, sugar are high...and if the taste is just mediocre...its just not worth it.

So I surfaced the idea of an ice cream degustation to some of my makan kaki colleagues, and they were super-excited to try.

So after the hawker degustation (see previous post), we trooped to Goldhill Square for a piece of frozen dessert.

The place looked more like a workshop than a cafe or creamery. Plain white, high tables, with equally high stools adorn the space. On one wall, was a huge blackboard...scribbled with all manner of flavours. Is this the order board? No...its a kind of voting system...the owners put up suggestions of flavours to experiment with, and visitors are invited to vote on what they should priortize. Wild flavours like "mee siam", "char kway teow" were amongst the suggestions...would be interesting.

At the far end of the room, was the ice cream freezers...hey this caught my eye...not only durian ice cream, but mao san wang ice cream and d24 ice cream! These guys are serious!

I immediately had to have the mao san wang...but one scoop is not enough...two scoops please...and make the second the "Rum, rum raisin" Double the rum!

Rum rum raisin on the foreground, and Mao Sang Wang in the background. The flavours are the extreme. The MSW tasted like eating an aearated, frozen version of the real fruit. The full, strong, powerful taste, flavour of the MSW durian hits the palate immediately. Superb...but can be a bit much for a casual eater. The serving size was rather generous, and with the rich ingredients...let just say, leave some room for this dessert after lunch.

The Rum rum raisin is an immediate winner. Doubling the can really taste the rum. Powerful alcohol...can almost get drunk, eh? Large raisins adorn the portion I was served. Smooth, creamy ice cream. Very nice.

Kennard also had the Rum, rum raisin and Lychee Martini.

A generous serving of vodka was used...and one can really taste the kick of the alcohol. The lychee base was, creamy, and strongly tasting and smelling like lychee.

Nabil had the Green Tea-rrific and Gila Melaka.

The Green Tea was as intense as the others we have tried...strong Japanese green tea, mixed into a creamy mass. Very nice. The Gila Melaka was something else to try. Attap chee (palm seeds) were generously mixed into a very special ice cream made from Gula Melaka (black palm sugar)...the taste was a mix of chendol and ice cream.

And Joyce had a cone - Orange Choc Bitters:

Made from very dark, bitter Belgian chocholate, it was generously spiked with Orange Triple Sec...I am not sure which they use, but an example of Orange Triple Sec is Cointreu. It was strongly bitter, and the alcohol was so powerful, that Joyce's face began to flush red.

Very interesting ice cream shop...inspired flavours...and very innovative. Generous in the serving sizes as a well as very generous in the amounts of alcohol used. Prices are quite reasonable too...especially compared to exorbitant prices charged by Haagen Das.

Address: 155 Thomson Road, Singapore 307608
Milking hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight
Tel/Fax: 62546629


jems said...

ur review is so differing from those comments left in the ieat forum on u.d.d.e.r.s :)

However from ur review I can see that this place will probably truly appeal to people who drinks. Those who do not drink prob can't stomach the strong alcoholic taste~

So this place IS probably for me~! :)

Dr Leslie said...

Hmmm the Mao Shan Wang is interesting.

Where is it exactly?